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You are exhausted, stessed out or in pain and you are looking for relief, inner balance ans harmony? So visit us.

We like to please you with various kinds of massage tech techniqu techniques and wellness niques and wellness treatments.

But we dont do erotic massage!

Our new rooms offer an relaxing atmosphere to enjoy your mass massage and all the benefical effects can unfold.

All of the massage-oil creme and peelings are comming thai from thailand made of natural and herbal incredients.

Of course we also offer Gift vauchers.

Action: When you have 10 points/visits accumulated, receive 1 free massage.

Payment - cash only
Traditional Thaimassage

Neck, Shoulder and Head
Oil Massage

Neck, Shoulder, Foot & Leg Oil

Facial Massage+Spirulina Mask

Aroma Oil Massage
Swedish Massage
(Classical Massage)

Foot & Leg Massage

Hot Stone Aroma Massage

Toksen Massage
(Massage for sore Tendons)

Massage for seniors and
pregnant women

Wat Po original Thai massage
     60 Min.   30,-- €
     90 Min.   45,-- €
   120 Min.   55,-- €

     30 Min.   20,-- €
     60 Min.   40,-- €

     60 Min.   30,-- €

     60 Min.   30,-- €

     60 Min.   40,-- €
     90 Min.   55,-- €
   120 Min.   65,-- €

     60 Min.   30,-- €

     90 Min.   50,-- €
   120 Min.   80,-- €

     30 Min.   20,-- €
     60 Min.   40,-- €

     30 Min.   20,-- €
     60 Min.   30,-- €

     90 Min.   45,-- €
   120 Min.   55,-- €
Original Thaimassage
Our highly professional therapists work on the energy lines linking 10 defferent areas of your body to stimulate your blood circulation

Half Body Massage (Head, Neck & Shoulder) Feel your aches and pain drift away as your therapist eases your body back into shape by manipulating you upper back area, on an ideal treatment for removing inner-body tension and relieving stress.

Swedish Massage This fullbody massage with the aromatic oil of your choice . Revitalizes your inner strength while removing any pent-up tension.

Foot Spa & Foot Massage Reflexology An ideal treatment for removing inner body tension and relieving stress freeing blockages of negative energy and ereating an overall feeling well veing.

Thai Hot Herbs “Luk Pra Kob“ Massage This Massage use herbs such as Citronella. Turmeric. Kaffir lime. And Plai. To enhance your Thai experience even more. You can request this “Luk Pra Kob“ treatment aromatic. Thai herbs are prepared as steaming pouches. They are used for deep heat soonthing of muscular aches and pain. Is also a perfect treat.

Facial Massage + spirulina Mask The natural ingredients in this facial are only suitable for oily Skin.
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